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SMS Transact
You can now place purchase, sell, switch and SIP requests for mutual fund units instantly across schemes of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund (BSLMF) by sending a simple instruction via SMS from your registered mobile number.

This facility can be availed 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week by existing investors of BSLMF being Resident individuals (including guardians on behalf of minors) and Non-Resident individuals.


How does it work?

Step 1: Register for SMS Transact Facility for your folio(s)

  • In order to register for this facility, you need to complete and submit the SMS Transact Registration and Debit Mandate Form to any of our Investor Service Center considered as Official Point of Transaction of BSLMF. Your registration request will be processed within 21 working days.

Step 2: Receive PIN and change PIN to commence transactions:

  • On successful registration for SMS transact facility, a confirmation along with a PIN would be communicated to you via SMS and email on your registered mobile number and email id. In order to commence transacting, the PIN is required to be changed by sending an SMS in the following format to 56767105:
    CPIN space <PAN> space <EXISTING PIN> space <NEW PIN> and send it to 56767105.

  • A confirmation SMS and email for successful change of PIN shall be sent to your registered email and mobile number. This Pin must not be disclosed

For subscribing/purchasing units send SMS to 56767105 in following format:

  • BUY space <PAN or Folio> space <scheme code> space <amount> space <PIN>
    Example: BUY 1019440199 02G 5000 1234

For redeeming units send SMS to 56767105 as:

  • SELL space <Folio> space <scheme code> space <amount> space <PIN>
    Example: SELL 1019440199 02G 5000 1234

For switching units from one scheme to another send SMS to 56767105 in the following format:

  • SWITCH space <Folio> space <SO Scheme Code> space TO space <SI-Scheme Code> space <Amount or All> space <PIN> to 56767105
    Example: SELL 1019440199 02G TO 132WD 5000 1234

For SIP registration:

  • REGSIP space <Folio or PAN> space <Scheme Code> space <Count of Instalment> space <SIP Date> space <PIN> to 56767105
    Example: REGSIP 1019440199 02G 1500 60 10 1234

There are no charges applicable for transacting through SMS Transact; however premium outgoing SMS charges will be applicable as prescribed by your service provider.

To download the SMS Transact Registration and Debit Mandate Form please click here



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Need help ? Call 1-800-270-7000
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Need help ? Call 1-800-270-7000
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