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What All Can You Do


One Time Mandate (OTM) facility is a one-time mandate registration process that will enable you to transact seamlessly in a simple, convenient and paperless manner. Using the OTM facility, you can instruct your bank to allow a debit of a certain amount, with a fixed daily upper limit in your account, whenever you wish to transact. Having registered an OTM you can subscribe without having to initiate any payment from your end.

Benefits of the Facility:

  • It is a one - time registration process
  • Invest through any mode (Physical/SMS/Website) via SIP or lump sum purchases.
  • Invest without a cheque/DD/transfer funds online.
  • Register SIP's in 5 days for OTM registered investors.


  1. What is One Time Mandate (OTM) facility of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund?

    It is a one - time registration process where you authorize your bank to execute debits to your bank account upto a certain specified limit, as and when you invest with BSLAMC without having to initiate any payment from your end.

  2. How do I register for OTM facility?

    In case you are an existing investor, you need to fill and submit the 'OTM debit Mandate Form' to any of our Investor Service Center considered as Official Point of Transaction of BSLAMC.

    In case of a new investor, please fill and submit the 'Common Application Form' along with the 'OTM Debit Mandate Form'.

  3. How much time will it take to register for OTM facility?

    The turn-around time of registering for this facility is 21 days just like any other mandate registration process.

  4. I already have a folio. Which forms do I need to submit to register for OTM facility, and/or SIP as well?

    You will need to submit the SIP cum OTM registration Form.

  5. I have already registered for OTM facility. Which form do I need to submit to start an SIP?

    As you have already registered for OTM facility, you only need to submit the physical SIP registration form, visit our website or send an SMS to register SIP.

  6. How many SIPs can I register through the OTM facility?

    There is no cap on the number of SIPs that can be registered through the OTM facility. However, the sum total of your various SIP installments in a day should not be more than the amount limit mentioned on the OTM form at the time of registration.

  7. How long does it take to register new SIPs through the OTM facility?

    Once the OTM facility is registered in the folio, any new SIP registration request will be registered within 5 days. If you submit the SIP registration request along with the OTM form, the SIP will be registered within 21 days.

  8. I have already registered for the SMS transact facility. Do I need to register again for OTM facility?

    As a registered user for SMS Transact facility, you will be automatically registered for the OTM Facility.

  9. How will I be informed once the registration is completed?

    Once the OTM facility is registered in your folio, physical/email/SMS intimation will be sent. Further, on receipt of successful registration confirmation of the mandate from your banker, an OTM activation intimation (physical/email/SMS) will also be sent.

  10. Is there any transaction limit for the OTM facility?

    Yes. You can specify the limit in the amount field on the OTM form. This limit is a daily limit on the maximum amount that you are can to invest on any given day.

  11. What are the various transactions that I can do through the OTM facility?

    You can:
    • Make fresh lump sum investments
    • Start new SIPs

    The payment towards your investment will happen directly through your bank account based on your defined limit on the OTM form and you need not submit a cheque/ DD every time/transfer funds online.

  12. Which bank account do I need to hold to be an eligible investor to opt for this facility?

    Eligible Investors can avail this facility if you have a bank account with any bank which has branches participating in Reserve Bank of India ("RBI") Electronic Clearing System ("ECS") /National Electronic Clearing System ("NECS")/Regional Electronic Clearing System ("RECS") facility and National Automated Clearing House (NACH) platform.

  13. What the various modes of submission of transactions under OTM facility?

    This Facility would enable for starting a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) or invest lump sum amounts in any Open ended Scheme of the Fund (except Birla Sun Life Gold ETF and Birla Sun Life Nifty ETF) by sending instructions indicating OTM usage for transaction through offline, online, SMS or any other mode as enabled by BSLAMC from time to time.

  14. Is this facility available for all schemes of BSLMF?

    This facility is available for investment in any Open Ended - Equity, Balanced, Fund of Funds & Debt Schemes (including Liquid Schemes but excluding Birla Sun Life Gold ETF and Birla Sun Life Nifty ETF).

  15. Is there any upper or lower limit for transacting through the OTM facility?

    The only upper limit is as mentioned in the OTM form. The limit in the OTM form is your daily limit for transactions through any mode. The lower limit applicable is the minimum purchase amount in the respective plan/ option of the Schemes of the Fund as defined in the Scheme Information Document (SID) for each transaction.

  16. How do I make an additional or fresh investment through the OTM facility?

    At the time of submission of physical /online transaction you need to tick or select the "Pay through OTM facility". 'Pay through OTM Facility' is just another payment option like Cheque/DD, RTGS/NEFT, Funds Transfer available on the forms/online portal.

  17. What will be the applicable NAV for my transaction?

    The applicable NAV for the transaction will be dependent on various factors under provisions of SEBI (Mutual Fund) Regulations, 1996 like receipt time of the transaction; the scheme, the type of transaction, the date & time of realization of funds. All transactions under OTM facility will be treated on par with similar transactions received through any other modes. For details on the applicable NAV, refer Scheme information Document on the website of the Fund.

  18. How do I cancel my registration for OTM facility?

    You can request for cancellation of the OTM facility by submitting the 'One Time Debit Mandate Form' and indicating cancellation.







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