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Active Account App


  Invest effortlessly with our Active Account App

Active Account App is a Liquid Fund based revolutionary new app from Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund that can help your savings earn for you, every single day. Now you can make your hard earned money work harder for you, with just a swipe of a finger!


  • Link your Bank Account using account number and branch name.
  • Aim to earn on your savings by transferring with a single swipe.
  • Swipe Right to transfer your money to Active Account so it could earn effortlessly.
  • Swipe left to transfer your money back in your linked Bank Account in 24 hours.

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You can invest in this scheme using our Active Account App and transact effortlessly within Minutes.



Birla Sun Life Cash Plus (BSLCP) is a highly liquid income scheme with a focus on prevention of capital erosion. Money is invested in safe instruments like Repo, Treasury Bills, Commercial Paper, Certificates of Deposit and Non-Convertible Debentures, giving you a broad based "parking" alternative, which can yield better returns on money that would otherwise lie idle in a bank account. It makes Money Management easy.


Each instrument - whether it is high quality debt or a Money Market instrument - is picked only after painstaking research with view to minimise risk. The first scheme of its kind (launched in June 1997), the fund has since proven to be immensely popular with money managers and individuals alike.


Birla Sun Life Cash Plus is designed for higher short-term earnings, and gives the convenience of a bank account. You get an Account Statement, similar to a passbook, which records subscriptions and redemptions. You can, at any time, add to your investment or withdraw all or part of it. You can even maintain a 'zero balance' for a certain period of time.


Get the latest NAV on SMS, sendNAV <150G> as an SMS to 56161



Birla Sun Life Cash Plus

(An Open ended Liquid Scheme)

This product is suitable for investors who are seeking:

  • reasonable returns with high levels of safety and convenience of liquidity over short term
  • investments in high quality debt and money market instruments with maturity of upto 91 days only
  • investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them.

  • See Dividend History        Fund Performance






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